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ColorKraft was built on an identified need. While there are many options for auto body, collision, paint and detail work, there is not a facility that is committed to quality, customer service and doing the right thing in the way that ColorKraft is. The ColorKraft team was built by industry veterans, experts in their fields with the desire to build a business that provides the kind of service everyone can be proud of.

Ryan Lacy - small

Ryan Lacy

Lead Body Technician

Ryan moved to Middle TN at 12 years old with his family from Oklahoma and began his life outside of high school by joining the Navy which led him to become a Helicopter maintenance technician. During his service, he enjoyed the mechanical work he did and developed an interest in the automotive world. After being discharged He acquired a Job at Byrd’s Automotive store from a recommendation of a friend. He delivered paint supplies to local dealership collision shops until one day he was approached by one of the dealerships who were looking for a body man apprentice. Ryan then decided to take the leap into the body shop as an apprentice and in just over a year he was already working side by side with veteran body-men and honing his skills to become a leading body technician at Andrews Cadillac in Brentwood, TN. Ryan remained at Andrews for 14 years, then decided to expand his knowledge and moved over to the Crest Cadillac dealership and specialize in the High end and European collision work. He acquired several certifications for European vehicle repair including Porsche, Audi, BMW, and others throughout the years. Crest is where Ryan met Josh and Aaron and began to help Josh after hours doing custom motorcycle jobs and further honed his skills to include the custom bodywork skill set. Ryan eventually went to the Subaru collision shop for a few years until he was approached by ColorKraft to join the team and bring his top-notch skillset in to help create a new higher standard for the independent body shop market in middle Tennessee.

Josh Lemon - small

Josh Lemon

ColorKraft Managing Partner

As Josh was growing up in Las Vegas, NV he had a predisposition to the industry being surrounded by his family of Mechanics and automotive painters. At 10 years old he had his first experience in restoring a Toyota truck side by side with his grandfather. Together they spent a significant amount of time doing all the bodywork to the truck and then took it to a shop to have it sprayed. This involvement in the project was the beginning of his interest in refinishing work for the automotive industry. With a desire to learn Josh wasted no time and began to fix and paint anything he could get his hands on such as scooters and bicycles. Later, in high school, he developed his skills with polishing and refinishing the paint on cars and trucks. Josh started his first detailing business at just age 18 and after a while decided he wanted to develop his skills at painting. He landed a job at Mercedes, then Porsche, and Aston Martin and quickly began to expand his knowledge and passion for refinishing work as he developed skills in bodywork, fabrication, welding, and of course custom paint. He decided to move to Nashville where his lovely wife Dayle had family and continued to focus on custom painting and high end refinishing work while running several body shops for about 10 years. In 2012 Josh decided to start his own body shop specializing in custom painting and European restoration which led to his passion for only the finest quality work, cutting edge and refinishing/repair techniques with a high emphasis on customer service. This desire to be the best in the industry led to Josh pooling his resources and becoming a founder of Colorkraft Auto Refinishers where he can deliver all his talents to a level that the industry has never experienced before in middle TN.

Aaron Monroe - small

Aaron Monroe

ColorKraft Detailer

Aaron grew up in Spring Hill, TN with an interest in cars at a young age. He started his career in film and quickly left to pursue his passion of making cars look as best as they could. He started at an Auto Spa in Franklin working in the area of car washes and quickly ascended to detail. Over the next few years, he moved his way into better positions and shops as he worked towards perfecting his craft. His passion led him to Crest Cadillac in 2012 where Josh Lemon mentored him from detail to the paint shop, where he learned to prepare high-end vehicles for refinishing and also mastered the buffing process after the cars are painted! Aaron learned what was possible with finishes and how to extract the most potential for all automotive finishes from daily drivers to Concours level cars. Thirsty for more, needing to push his skill even farther, he eagerly joined the team at ColorKraft to pursue the ultimate potential of refinishing. Aaron brings a very unique, highly valued, and sought after skill to our Team!

Dallas McLaird - small

Dallas McLaird

ColorKraft Estimator

Dallas McLaird was born in Seattle, Washington and raised in Franklin, TN. From a very young age, Dallas was drawn to anything and everything with a motor in it. As he got older, his passion for motor vehicles grew. Dallas devoted his time to working on his own vehicles as well as his friends, which eventually led him to land a job as a Painter’s Assistant at a custom paint shop. On top of all this, Dallas has always been a people person. He prides himself on his ability to make connections and strike up a conversation with anyone. His passion for people and attention to detail make him a valuable, key member of this already-stacked team at ColorKraft.

Bryan Devrous - small

Bryan Devrous


Bryan grew up in Denver Colorado around his father while working on Jeeps and trucks, as a child he loved being around the garage and helping his father. During High school he tried to get into mechanic shop class but could not because it was full however, autobody shop was open.

He started in autobody and was intrigued by the paint process and worked hard to learn all he could about painting. He was even involved in a Custom Paint project that toured the good guys car show series in 2004. After high school he landed a job at GunSlinger, one of the country’s most prestigious custom motorcycle painting factories as a paint prepper. He then moved into paint, doing what he had dreamed of since that first day in shop class. When he reached a peak at GunSlinger he left to pursue better opportunities and grow as a painter at Prestige Audi Porsche in Lakewood Colorado. There he leaned every skill set in high end autobody repair and paint for 6 years. During this whole time Bryan was chasing a side career in stunt riding sport motorcycles and became and well known and sought-after stunt rider! He left prestige to fine tune his skills in a smaller more focused body shop where he could try new processes and dial in his expertise. While visiting TN at a stunt riding workshop he fell in love with TN. When he got back to Colorado, he and his family began planning their relocation to middle TN. They made the move and settled on a small farm to life the life they dreamed. His relocation left a struggle to find a good place of work to call home, where his skill and knowledge was appreciated and would be pushed to a level of greatness not yet known to him. Bryan found an ad for a painter on Facebook and sent us a resume. We were excited to see the skill on paper and were excited to talk to Bryan. He fit in great with the staff and culture of the shop and found his home at ColoKraft Auto.

Jason Groth - small

Jason Groth

Body Technician

Jason moved to middle Tennessee in 2018 to work in the live music industry. After the Industry crashed, Jason had to pursue a new line of work. Jason has always been fascinated with cars from aircooled VW buses, Audi's, and is now living the Subaru life. When Colorkraft was looking for a new apprentice Jason reached out and grabbed the opportunity. Jason is new to the team and is quickly learning. He hopes to grow with the company as a body/paint Technician and help contribute to the team.

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